Yousra Sidqi has sucessfully defended her thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Yousra Sidqi, who conducted her PhD research within the framework of the Fractal Grid project and defended her work on Tuesday October 22nd, 2019.

She worked on analyzing the fractality of urban fabric and developing new tools to describe the multifractal behavior of distribution power grids in G2Elab (University of Grenoble-Alps) with Pr. Nicolas Retiere and Pr.Pierre Frankhauser.

The jury, which was composed of world-class specialists from several disciplines, praised her pioneering work in future planning of power grids and unanimously joined her supervisors to grant her with a well deserved Phd degree.

Dr. Sidqi has now joined the Institute of renewable energy in HES-SO to continue her research to find new ways towards a more sustainable and resilient applications of power grids